Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Saltines and Ginger Tea

Were you ever dared to try and fit 4 saltines into your mouth and swallow them all in under a minute?  I was, and let me tell you, it’s near impossible, dry and mostly disgusting.  While I am a big fan of saltines, I know having to eat them out of desperation because you can’t stomach the sight or smell of anything else is NOT fun.  Welcome to another one of the awesome symptoms in the first month of your pregnancy!  My wife was extremely lucky in the sense that she had the nausea but no vomiting.  I know several women that barfed basically non-stop and throughout most of their pregnancy.  I legit, cannot even imagine that.  So while my wife was not throwing her guts up, she was experiencing a lot of nausea and heartburn.  There are tons of old wives tales that say that bad heartburn is a sign of a hairy baby.  Really?  The fetus is the size of a peanut, how the heck is that possible?!  Another old wives tale is that excessive vomiting means you are more likely to have a girl (I would think only a boy would torture it’s mom to be like that, but that’s just my opinion…sorry guys).  My wife and I were constantly trying to interpret the old wives tales and figure out what our little cherub was going to be.  And then my wife would get a wave of nausea and we would have to focus on her not barfing.  She did say that as plain as saltines are, they were like a little slice of heaven when you are nauseas.  Her other saving grace that was recommended to us by her mom was ginger tea.  Pregnant moms to be, take note.  You have to be careful when buying herbal teas because a lot of the teas have things in them that you can’t drink, so check with your physician before doing so.  However, if you can find straight up pure ginger tea, my wife swore by it and said it helped a lot.  

Luckily for my wife, the morning nausea was only temporary but, the nausea she experience when going into a grocery store was a WHOLE other situation!  More on that next week!

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