Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pure Exhaustion

After the entire emotional roller coaster you go on to try and conceive and the wanting it so badly, when it finally happens it’s obviously a blessing but with that blessing comes SO many changes and weird things with your hormones and body.  I obviously didn’t experience this personally; however, I lived through each moment and step with my wife, so I feel qualified to talk on the subjects. 

When my wife found out she was pregnant it was luckily over the summer while she was on vacation from school.  Being a teacher really does have its perks!  As a side job for some extra money, my wife had agreed to come into my office and do some work for my company over the summer.  I look back now and think how hilarious this idea was.  Maybe not all women feel as tired as my wife did but she needed naps on the hour every hour.  Usually my wife is energetic and ready to go and the hormones were already taking their toll on her!  Luckily, my office comes equipped with several couches and a private room so my wife could take naps frequently in between work.  Additionally, when you are pregnant, you are not allowed to consume much caffeine, if any.  This proved as another hurdle for my wife as she is an avid coffee drinker (who doesn’t love their pumpkin coffee in the fall?!).  My wife is also 100% Irish and she does enjoy her glass of wine after a hard day and hard days were certainly ahead of us.  I have to say, I give ALL the credit in the world to my wife.  She handled the tiredness and having to cut things (beverages) out of her diet like a champ.  She hardly ever complained and it was ALMOST like she wasn’t even preggers yet….almost.  That’s until the nausea and smell aversions started happening.  Doesn’t this sound fantastic so far???!  No complaints out of us though, we were elated that there was a little poppy seed growing inside my wife’s belly J

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