Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Our First Sonogram

The first sonogram is one of the most exciting and most bizarre experiences I had throughout the pregnancy.  It’s beyond exciting because you get to see the first picture of your child and most bizarre because that child literally looks like a dot on a screen.  What is also quite bizarre, at least for me, was the thought of an actual human being that is that tiny is not only existing in my wife’s body but will live there for the next 40 weeks and blossom into a baby.  Ok, so I just recapped what pregnancy is all about, but, if you have gone through it, you can probably relate.  It’s just the most surreal thing in the world.  To this day, I still have weird moments of awe and amazement about how something can be “sprouted” inside a body, live there comfortably for 9 months, and then enter from inside the body to the outside world.  Maybe I have had one to many joints in my day but let me tell you, the whole pregnancy thing is fucking weird and bizarre and awesome all at the same time. 

Seeing them put the jelly all over my wife’s belly and then seeing the picture on the ultrasound screen for the first time was nothing short of incredible.  Even though our baby looked as big as a poppy seed she was still our baby.  We had a long way to go until we were “in the clear” to start yelling from the roof tops about the pregnancy, but that is not in the fore front of your mind when you see that first ultrasound.  Being the dork and sentimental sally that I am, I asked the doctor for as many pictures of the sonogram as possible and she kindly and happily obliged.  I was taking those pictures of our little poppy seed and putting them right on the refrigerator so I could look at it every time I walked into the kitchen (which was quite often especially when tending to a newly pregnant wife).  I couldn’t stop thinking and wondering about what our little poppy seed was going to be…boy or a girl!  Oh the possibilities!

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