Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cereal and Ice Cream for Dinner???

My wife’s first trip to the grocery store was nothing short of entertaining, hilarious and disastrous.  I will never forget when I walked into our house after her first trip to the store.  I walked into our kitchen to find cocoa puffs, captain crunch, and a full spread of toppings for an ice cream sundae.  I looked puzzled at first since my wife is way more of a “salt” person as opposed to a “sweets” person, and then I looked at her and she just shrugged.  She went on to explain how she came home with what was on the counter. 

Upon her entrance into our local Stop and Shop, my wife was certainly not expecting her reaction to be what it was.  She had every intention of going in there to get us some of our usual groceries for the week.  We typically eat healthy during the week and splurge on the weekends, however, things were about to change instantly.  She described her entering into the produce section and it smelled like a combination of “stale buttery popcorn, sweaty feet, and vomit”.  She had to choke back the reflex to gag and vomit.  After the first few inhales of this stench, she made the conscious decision to grab the fastest things that appealed to her.  Those were as I mentioned before, sugar cereal and ice cream sundaes.  Upon putting these few things in her cart, she preceded to beeline it out of the store and into “fresh” air. 

For someone like me who has a crazy sweet tooth, her purchases at the store were welcomed happily.  I knew at that point I would be doing the grocery shopping for a little while unless I wanted to end up with diabetes or eating pickles, peanut butter and ice cream for dinner!

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