Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The 3D Ultrasound-The Coolest Thing Ever

If you haven’t experienced a 3D ultrasound yet, you are in for one of the biggest treats of a pregnancy.  They even had 4D ultrasounds now but the 3D one is pretty damn awesome in itself.  You get to see up close and personal your little cherub that has been invading your body for the last 6 or so months.  I’m not just talking facial features either.  You get to see how the blood is flowing through their bodies, their heart, the beating of their heart, each organ, basically everything possible on a big screen.  If you thought hearing your babies heartbeat on a regular ultrasound was awesome, this will blow your mind.  It’s as close to meeting your new child as you will get until the big day they arrive in person and it was nothing short of incredible for my wife and I. 

And so the ultrasound begins.  And there, on a huge screen tv pops up the image of my daughter.  Admittedly so, she looks a little alien like because she is only 7 months old, however, to me, it’s the most beautiful sight I have laid eyes on.  For the first time, it felt REALLY real.  And then the tears started rolling down my face!  Ok, so I’m a bit of a sensitive sally but I couldn’t hold back.  It was a moment I will not soon forget.  She had 10 fingers, 10 toes, eyes, lips, a mouth, a nose and all the things a perfect little baby should have.  They did tell us we had a big girl growing in there!  Although not much in pregnancy is an exact science, they were estimating that when born, our daughter would be tipping the scales at anywhere from 9-10lbs!  (Insert the look of fear and horror on my wife’s face thinking about delivering a 9-10lb baby!)  After the doctor was so kind enough to walk us through each part of our little (or not so little) girl, he printed out a bunch of pictures of her for us to take home.   For my wife, since the baby was a bit on the larger side, they wanted us to come back for another 3D ultrasound in another month so they could make sure there was no diabetes going on.  Scary as that news was, they said it was unlikely and more so to be precautious and the upside was that we would get to see our girl on the big screen again!  

Here are a few of the ultrasound pics we got to take home.  I hope at some point throughout your pregnancy, you get to experience the amazingness that is a 3D ultrasound!  Now to go buy some outfits for my big girl in there :)

The progression from first ultrasound to 3D ultrasound!

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