Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Daunting Task of Shaving

As if being pregnant, hormonal and ever expanding wasn’t bad enough, you still have to worry about keeping some sense of personal grooming intact during your pregnancy.  Let’s be honest, shaving is annoying.  If you have ever read my other blog, you will know that I am anti-hair everywhere to the point where I have to shave every day.  I can’t stand the feeling of stubble or hair on me and I’m just not a fan of a wiffle down there so I spend an extra 5 or so minutes each morning shaving all my parts.  Imagine how annoying the task of shaving is for the average person and now magnify that by adding that you can barely see over your belly.  How the heck does one attempt to shave their lady parts when they can’t even see their feet? 

The Solution???
As my wife’s belly was expanding, I often remember her getting out of the shower and we would laugh together because she would tell me how hard it is for her to shave and how annoying it was to try and shave your vagina blindly.  The worst times were when she would nick herself, see blood and then would have a minor freak out moment thinking she was bleeding internally.  I would constantly ask her what I could get for her to help assist in her hair removal process but there was just no good response.  Calling all you inventors out there, there is the need for something to help pregnant women see when they are shaving!  I thought about getting her some sort of chair and mirror to basically sit and see, but the idea of that for my wife was not only embarrassing but way too overwhelming.  I even offered to shave for her but that got an even worse response.  Can’t blame me for trying!  At the end of the day, everyone will have their own personal grooming preferences and after seeing my wife give birth, I gotta say, a little hair was the last thing anyone was thinking about.  

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