Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Picking Baby Names

The task of picking your child’s name is quite daunting.  I have known people in my life that have had horribly tragic names.  For example, Marsha Mellow, Harry Ball, etc… I could go on but I just feel bad for them.  Especially since their parents fully knew what they were doing when they picked their name.  I myself, have been known as Spermin’ Berman for the majority of my adult life.  Not the worst thing in the world, considering what I do for a living, however, for a girl in the 8th grade, not so fun.  Luckily I embrace my nickname and it’s not my legal name ;)  I had TONS of boys names that I loved but those would all have to be put aside until the prospect of baby #2 would happen.  For this one, we knew our task at hand.  My wife and I both loved the name Grace.  Before we even conceived, we both agreed that if it was a girl, that would be her name.  As you can imagine, once you actually have a baby to name, there are soooo many other ideas and options that come to mind.  We had a fairly narrow list but it was extremely hard to decide which one to go with.  Some people suggested that we wait until we saw her in person because maybe the name we thought would fit would be totally different upon seeing her face for the first time.  We agreed that was a distinct possibility but we at least wanted to narrow our list down to around 3 names so it wasn’t a free for all when she was born and she ended up with a name like Marsha Mellow!  After much thought and debate, we narrowed our list down to the 3 front runners of, Grace, Isabella and Sophia.  We had determined that no matter what, she was going to have my wife’s last name as her middle name and our family name would be my last name.  So, that was certainly something to factor in.  Now that we had our list down to 3, the waiting game was on.  Only 6 or so more months of waiting to meet our baby girl!  

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