Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Gender Reveal Party!

Since my wife and I already knew the sex of the baby but our close friends and family (except our moms and dads) didn’t, we decided it would be fun to have a little gender reveal party.  We went all out with the pink and blue gear.  If you ever want to have a gender reveal party, I highly recommend Pinterest to get tons of ideas from.  There are sooooo many different ways to reveal the gender but we decide it would be fun to take a big cardboard box, decorate it and inside the box we would put the appropriate pink or blue balloons, so when we opened the box, the balloons would fly out and reveal what we were having.  It’s quite a climactic experience ;)  We had little bowls out each filled with blue and pink beads for our guests to wear and make their guess.  We also put up a chalk board for people to put their baby name suggestions.  Those were hilarious.  I’ll delve into more of that in a later post. 
I have included a bunch of pictures from our gender reveal party including one of the moment we opened the box to reveal the gender!  It was quite a relief to finally let the big secret out.  And now, it was time to shop for baby clothes!!!  
Cupcakes with Bows and Mustaches


All things Pink and Blue
The Name Board

The BIG Reveal!


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