Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wake Up, Time to Shop!

It’s every woman’s worst nightmare to have to go jean shopping and it’s no different, in fact, worse, when you are pregnant and realize that you need to start buying maternity clothes.  However, what most don’t realize is how amazing maternity jeans actually are.  To the average eye, they look like your standard, trusty pair of blue jeans.  What you don’t see is that they are equipped with a large cotton stretchy waistband that fits nice and comfortably over your ever expanding belly and fupa (fat upper pu*sy area…sorry mom, but that’s what it’s called these days).  Walking into a Destination Maternity for the first time is quite an interesting experience.  I must say, maternity clothes have come a long way since I can recall.  I have seen pics of my mom and grandmother when they were pregnant and they were not wearing anything remotely fashionable.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good mumu as does my wife, however, when going out in public, you want to appear to be a smart, fashionable mom to be and Destination Maternity did not disappoint.  Jessica Simpson even has her own maternity clothing line so you know things have come a long way!  So instead of my wife being horrified at what she was expecting to be ugly and bleak options for clothing, she was actually not horrified.  In fact, when she tried on the maternity jeans she said, “These are amazing!  Who wouldn’t want to wear these all the time”?!  (I’ve actually contemplated borrowing them for Thanksgiving as it’s my favorite holiday and pants with no buttons and an expandable waist sound delightful and appropriate).  So ladies, the moral of the story here is, don’t be afraid of that baby bump.  Embrace it, because now you can cover it in some pretty fashionable threads.

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