Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Stretch Mark Creams and Maternity Pillows

I never imagined myself researching and purchasing as much stretch mark cream as I did for my wife.  I knew she was super freaked out about getting stretch marks on her stomach and I thought it would be a nice gesture to get her as many different products as I could find.  Little did I know there was a plethora of options in the world of stretch mark creams.  Everyone I asked, including my mom said cocoa butter was the key.  So, I happened to find the Palmers website which had about 48756934857643957 options for belly butters, cocoa creams, etc…  It was an understatement when I say I was overwhelmed.  I ended up buying about $100 worth of freaking body creams for my wife.  She was obviously very appreciative for the gift, however, I can imagine the feeling of getting cream from your wife to prevent stretch marks not being the sexiest gift on the planet.  She was using that shit religiously and then I decided to get her a prenatal massage and facial as another treat for her (I know, you want to marry me too;).  The facial she had was with a woman we both see and is super knowledgeable about skin.  She was explaining to my wife that all of the cocoa creams and the body butters don’t work!  She said that stretch marks are in majority all up to genetics, so if your mom had bad stretch marks, there’s a good chance you will too.  There are SO many urban legends when it comes to pregnancy so who knows which is accurate or not and this is no different.  My wife started using a different cream that was recommended to her by the facial lady and so far, so good!  No stretch marks!  I think it’s all about personal preference though, so go with what you like. 

Money Well Spent!
What I like, is sleep.  Sleep is good.  And people are telling us to get as much sleep now as possible.  For me, that isn’t such a tall task but for my wife, it’s a different story.  She was starting to show a little bit but that didn’t mean she was any less uncomfortable while sleeping.  Usually they say as you get bigger you get more uncomfortable but for my wife, that started early on.  She’s a pretty restless sleeper to begin with and this only made it worse.  We kept hearing about these maternity pillows that supposedly help women sleep so, as a good wife does, we went to find that shit and buy it!  Anything to keep the baby mama happy J  I tell you, it was the most well spent $80 ever.  This maternity pillow was not just one pillow.  It was this set of pillows that came in parts and had Velcro so you could attach and detach what you wanted, when you wanted.  Whoever came up with that idea…genius.  My wife was much happier sleeping as was I.  You know what they say people, happy wife, happy life.  Learn it.  Live it.  

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