Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Could it be?!

This is our actual positive pregnancy stick.
I’ll never forget the morning when my wife told me she was pregnant.  It was what I thought would be a typical day.  My wife was out of bed before me getting ready for work and I was still sound asleep.  I usually hear her getting ready but for some reason on this morning, I was passed out.  This was only until I heard our bathroom door open and my wife said, “Steph, look!”  In a daze of being abruptly woken up, I slowly opened my eyes to see a white stick with purple cap being handed to me.  As I continued to try and focus on what’s being handed to me, I see the word “pregnant”.  I paused, looked at her, and in disbelief, I rubbed my eyes thinking I was not seeing things correctly or this was some sort of dream.  I looked again, closer this time, and it still said “pregnant”.  Holy shit.  It worked.  Could it be?!   After many months of trying to regulate her hormones, picking up sperm from our baby daddy, inseminating in the most bizarre of places, and then finally being able to use the Semenette® to try and get pregnant, and then, it freaking worked?!  I was in total dismay and shock.  She burst out, “We are pregnant!!”  It was an overwhelming feeling of emotions that flooded me.  It was happiness, relief, and freaking the fuck out.  We hugged for a brief moment and then the wheels started turning.  What do we do??  Do we call our moms?  Do we call the doctor?  So many thoughts and things all happening all at once and I’m still in my damn pajamas.  I was NOT prepared for this but god damn, I am excited!
We both took a breath and decided we should call our moms first since they had to hear about every try that wasn’t successful thus far.  It was about time we were able to give the new grandmas to be the good news.  We called my wife’s mom first since her mom had basically been asking us for grandkids since the day we got married.  It was very early in the morning so we knew she would be suspicious of our call but it was so worth it.  We had her on speaker phone and when she answered she was nervous and wondering why we were calling so early and my wife said we had something to tell her and that was all it took.  She knew.  She said, “OMG you’re pregnant?!”  We all shared an overjoyed moment together.  We called my mom next who was also eager to have her first grandchild.  My mom is very intuitive and since I work with her on a daily basis, she knows something is weird when I call her that early in the morning.  And as I guessed, we called her and said we had something to tell her and she said, “I knew it!  I knew it was going to work!”  It was the best 10 minutes in my life in a long time and on this long journey.  After sharing the news with our parents and siblings, we had to get our shit together because we both still had to go to work that day!  I literally could not contain my excitement and just wanted to hug and hold on to my wife as tight as possible.  We were really going to have a baby! 

In this day and age, anytime there is big news we all typically take to our social media, mainly Facebook, to share news like this with everyone.  As tempting as it was (and boy was it tempting as hell), we obviously did not want to share the news publicly until we knew the pregnancy was confirmed by our doctor and of course, there was the ever dreaded 3 month waiting period of time that you have to wait until it’s statistically “safe” to tell everyone your with child.  It’s as if they don’t make you wait long enough with this whole process, then you finally have success and you have to wait more.  This doesn’t even include all of the different waiting you will do throughout the pregnancy.  Shoot, you have to wait close to 10 months to meet the baby let alone everything before that!  We made a pact despite how hard it would be not to tell everyone, we would wait.  We certainly didn’t want to jinx anything.  The next challenge for us would be figuring out how to explain why my wife wouldn’t be drinking when we were out with our friends (my wife is irish and loves her red wine so it would look VERY weird if she didn’t have a drink for no explainable reason).  We would encounter this several times over the next 3 months and it was VERY difficult not spilling the beans to some of our close friends, some of which we had to tell because they were so suspicious and wouldn’t let it go.  After we got confirmation from the blood test, we knew this was really happening and it was time to start navigating through the first trimester!  Here we come tiredness and weird smell aversions….

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